Best Thriller Movies Of All Time | 8 Thriller movies list with Review

8 Best Thriller Movies

1. Trance (2013)
Psychological thriller, where a very expensive painting tries to steal, some people, even when the painting is being auctioned. But one of the people who had it was after making the disruption of the auction but after forgetting it.
Where does he put it, how’s the painting! Find out how in the movie with some shocking twists.

2. Nightcrawler (2014)
A journalist or a thief in the beginning looking for work after he comes into the profession, and how he does it and to what extent he does it to make money or to better his work. Tell me what it is .. You can see if a different type is not seen in a thriller.

3. A hard day (2014)
The story is that one of the detectives killed his car while he was going to his mother’s funeral. He later found out that he was not alive, how he later collapsed and he was not released at all. Because while working on a case, he gets a call and then the movie’s direction changes.

4. Identity (2003)
In the midst of a severe storm, some people stayed at a motel. There were people of different classes and one of them was a criminal who was being held by a policeman but came here because of the storm. And some of these people all of a sudden started to die and not everyone knew who was doing it. Who was the murderer, it is finally finished and reeled.

5. The usual suspects (1995)
The story begins on a Los Angeles port ship. At the center of the Hungarian illegal trade, a man named Kaiser Sজেge was killed and set ablaze. And there were two nieces, one of whom was Verbal Kint and another Hungarian, who was sent to the hospital because of his condition food and Kint started to interrogate him and explain why. When his story begins, the story takes a turn for the other and it is revealed at the end of the movie, who is Caesar Sojay. It’s a Legendary film, though.

6. D-16 (2016)
In the story, a police officer comes to his friend’s son to get some advice, then he tells about the case of his life by which he lost his leg, and the story of his case comes in various twists and turns and climaxes of the ending.

7. The butterfly effect (2004)
Evan has been blackout since he was little or if he was nervous or otherwise. But as he grows up, he finds a wonderful way to return to those times. But all these things change because of her doing this, and the situation becomes even more difficult to solve.

8. Source Code (2011)
Stevens is given a mission called Bomb Blast on a train. The person behind it is given the responsibility to get out, he enters the train for the last 5 minutes of a person and forgets his memory, then slowly he goes on his mission to see how successful his mission is.

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