I am LEGEND 2007 Movie Review with Dual Audio Link

Movie: I am LEGEND
Year: 2007
Industry: Hollywood
Duration: 104 min
Cast: Will Smith

Story: When making cancer drugs, a virus is created and the people and animals infected with the virus become violent (much like zombies). They are named as ‘Darkseekers’, 6% of people die, 1.5% of Drakseekers and only 1.2% of people survive the virus. One of those 3.2% is Lt. Colonel Robert Neville (Will Smith). Those who were not attacked in New York City were taken to Quarantine, and from there Robert Neville. His companion is his dog ‘Sam’. Sam is his only friend. The Darksiders cannot stand the light, but when it is dark they come out and attack Robert Neil. Meanwhile, he begins to discover the anti-virus virus in his own lab.


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