The Machinist (2004) Movie Review Dual Audio [Hindi-Eng] Link

Movie name:The Machinist(2004)
Genre:Psychological Thriller,Drama
Cast:Christian Bale

The story of the movie is about an employee Trevor. His body is not formed. And the reason is that he has not slept for 3 years. He is in danger because of this guy. He wants to bring him in front of everyone. But somehow he can’t. Trevor has the answer to this question, too, but why does his own mind revolve around him?
Trevor one day died after driving careless because of a 1/2 year old child being pushed into his car. Trevor quickly escaped from the spot. As a result, he did not sleep for 3 years. Finally Trevor found himself in police custody, and his first sentence was “I just want to sleep.” It is understood the extent of his guilt was right dose!
I watched a movie too late. But after watching it, I saw one of the best psychological thrillers of life. No need to say how Christian Bell!


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